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Straight Talk®: Conflict Resolution Workshop

This Straight Talk® workshop teaches leaders and managers productive conflict resolution – before it creates pain and expense for the organization. You’ll gain insight into the dynamics of conflict resolution and how to use Straight Talk® to break the conflict cycle. Using case studies, you’ll discover the most effective strategies for resolving conflicts of assumptions 2

Participants learn:

  • The productive value of conflict
  • How to minimize inter-personal conflict
  • The importance of addressing conflicts early on
  • How to identify assumptions
  • How to defuse personal tensions by focusing on assumptions
  • How to resolve conflicts productively using the “chain of resolution”

To speak with a facilitator about a Straight Talk® conflict resolution workshop for your organization, call (916) 325-1190 or email us.

Leaders, managers, work groups and teams

Length of workshop:
2-4 hours

Materials provided:
Workbook, password access to online tools.

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