Straight Talk® Communication Styles

In Straight Talk®, management and organizational consultant Eric Douglas shows how to identify your own communication style and that of others, and how to modify your style for strategic results. Using exercises, surveys, and real-life case studies, Douglas shows how competent communication can help solve today’s most urgent organizational dilemmas.

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The Communication Style Profile

The Communication Styles Profile is a sort of 3D camera, one that captures a multidimensional snapshot of yourself. It enables you to see yourself as others see you. It reveals your particular style of communicating. And it will help you become a more successful communicator.




Communication Styles and Personality Theory

Psychology, and particularly research into personality, supports the idea that there are distinct communication styles. One major branch of personality theory was developed by Carl Jung. He based his work on the premise that it is the differences in how people perceive the world (through sensation or intuition), combined with how they make judgments based on the perceptions (through thinking or feeling), that creates their different personality types.



The Origin of Communication Styles

Anthropology helps answer the question of where our communication styles come from. Psychology, and particularly research into personality types, supports the idea that there are four distinct communication styles. Our research concurs that there are four basic styles of communicating, which affect all of our communications with other people.


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